Thursday, February 8, 2007

February 08, 2007

Oh my... I stink that this blogging thing. I really wanted to do better this year and blog regularly and keep myself up-to-date... but WHAT HAPPENED?? Anyway, I'll catch up on some belated birthdays... and then just start with my latest happenings!!

Happy Birthday Auntie Susanne (1/16)
Happy Birthday Uncle Ted (1/19)
Happy Birthday Mari (1/20)
Happy Birthday Kim (Texas Kim) (2/1)
Happy Birthday Auntie Yumiko (2/2)
Happy Birthday Mary (Flutteringby) (2/2)
Happy Birthday Sarah (2/2)
Happy Anniversary Baba and Jiji (2/3)
Happy Birthday Uncle Bruce (2/8)

Phew... look at all those birthdays I forgot to post!! It's always good to catch up!! ;)

Anyway, what have I been up to lately? I am busy working on the Silent Auction with my co-chair Gina!! She is doing a great job of bringing in the donations!! :) We hope to make a lot of $$ for Spencer's preschool!! Speaking of Spencer's school... we had Open House yesterday and today and we had a great turn-out. I helped watch the children today since we had extra people with all the new family's touring our school!! I'll try and post some pics later of Spencer on the back of his friend's trike. It's so funny because the little boy pulling him is so much smaller and Spencer loves to sit in the back of the trike and get a ride. He he!!

I am also busy on the 2SCD site!! I love it there. People are so friendly and it's so much fun!! I am trying to work on some more challenges!! I've been chatting it up with prockyjo (Michele) and scrappinamber (Amber). They are so much fun!! :)

Okay, now I'm going to finish up today's blog with a tag I got from Aimeslee's blog:

(1) Celebrate or Not? - Definitely not like before... now we try and spend it like a family vs. a day for just the two of us. We like to incorporate our kids in our holidays!! :)

(2) Most Romantic Gift Received – Hmmm... I can't remember. Does that mean I never got anything romantic?? ;p Probably my charm bracelet with two heart charms that have a birthstone of my children's birthmonths on it. But it wasn't for Valentine's. When we get a chance I will engrave their names and birthdates on it. ;)

(3) Worst Date — on Valentine's or worst date ever?? I think my worst date ever was when I offered to pay for the date and the guy said... "ok"!! What's up with that?? Don't guys know that you want them to pay even though you offer. ;) He he!! I'm not a gold digger, but sheesh!! My worst Valentine's Day? I went out with my now DH but then ex-bf. It was so hard because we had just broken up but we still went out with two friends of ours.

(4) If you could tell your significant other what you’d REALLY like for Valentine’s Day, what would you tell him/her? - I usually just tell DH what I want... and then he tells me to go out and get it for myself. What a romantic, huh?? ;p he he!! LOL!!

(5) Complete the sentence: “Love means never having to say _______” - yes to sex when you want to say no LOL (I had to agree with Aimeslee on this one) He he!!

(6) Best Chocolate - I just love CHOCOLATE! So far the best chocolate I've had are the ones I get at the Japanese store or the ones I get from my swap pal, Janette from Finland!! :)

(7) Dream Valentine’s Menu - Steak for me too!! But I love Filet Mignon with bacon wrapped around it. Garlic mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, maybe a salad... and for dessert... chocolate mousse like they have at Roy's. Mmmmm....

(8) Most Romantic Movie - Oh my... I love them all. Any romantic comedy! Seriously!! ;)

(9) If you had a Conversation Heart that said how you were feeling right now, it would say - COFFEE!!

(10) Pink or Red? - Pink... It's not my favorite color... but I truly love pink and brown!! And pink is definitely growing on me... especially since I had Hannah. Everything for girls is pink. ;)

OK, now! I tag whoever reads this, which means you need to copy and paste this and do it on your blog!