Friday, January 5, 2007

January 05 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Lloyd!!

Today was a busy day... phew!! We started swimming up again for the winter session. Spencer has moved up a class. His new goal is to sit on the steps, put his arms up, and glide out on his own for 10 ft. He can do this at Baba and Jiji's house but somehow he doesn't do all he's capable of doing at swim class. At least he goes into the pool on his own. ;) Hannah is doing well too!! She is still in the first level... but she is putting her face in the water on her own, she loves to float on her back, and can pretty much climb out of the pool on her own. She just has to work on her big arms and kicking her feet. Sometimes she does it, sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes it's just her arms, sometimes it's just her legs. So once she can put it all together... she can move on. :) Unfortunately, she's at the stage where mama still has to go in the pool with her. Only 1 1/2 more years... then I can be free NOT to wear a bathing suit unless I really want to. ;p

Then we went to Spencer's friend, Gabriella's "4th" birthday party today!! It was so much fun!! :) The kids got to cut out sugar cookies and after they were baked they got to decorate them. Spencer was shy at first but then he made 3 heart shaped cookies and 2 bone shaped ones. After he decorated them , ate one, shared one with Gabriella's papi, he then went to town on adding some more sprinkles to the other ones. ;p

I actually got some crafting done last night... and finished the LO I was working on but didn't have a chance to edit and post the picture. So, here it is. I found out today that I am able to use this one LO for two challenges... so it's for Elsie's Challenge #1 and (Book of Me) BOM Challenge #1.

And since I'm posting this LO... I thought I'd post my first BOM Challenge #4 Retro LO. This was a fun one to do!! :)

Oh... and I got my order from 2SCD today!! Yippee!! It came so fast!! I got some pp that was on sale and the DW 2007 calendar. I hope to be inspired by it... and to also follow some of the challenges on 2SCD with it!! :) Anyway, I hope to get lots more done tonight and I hope everyone else had a creative day!!


  • I love both those LO's but the record one is WOW! Great job!

    By Blogger ............Aimeslee, At January 10, 2007 9:13 PM  

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